Eumelia Castro was born in Venezuela, since she was a little girl she showed the ability to draw, particularly little dolls. Through the years with her ability she knew she wanted to be an artist.  Eumelia studied and graduated in Advertising, and worked for many years as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Art Director in Advertising Agencies in Caracas Venezuela. This job served her as an experience to learn new techniques like watercolor, crayon, marker, and others; that ultimately pushed her to jump into painting and illustration, to make it into a main hobby in her life.

In 2002, she emigrated to the United States and currently lives in Miami, Florida. This was a crucial moment for her, it was like a “New Beginning” where she became interested in improving her knowledge in Art, knowing other artists, participate in Art fairs and make art completely part of her everyday routine.

Through the years she has been developing her own and unique style, to which she has been faithful, a style with figurative tendency in which she always reveals the female figure, with rich and strong in colors. Eumelia works with pallet knife and applies Impasto Technique to create soft and dynamic textures, combined with Watercolor Touches Technique.

Eumelia Castro has successfully exhibited her work in Fine Art Galleries in Miami and Art Fairs in the US, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Beijing- China, and Seoul- Korea.

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